African Pyramid – Mushrooms Microdosing Capsules – 20 pcs


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African Pyramid microdose capsules contain 50 mg, 100 mg or 200 mg of African Pyramid Psilocybe cubensis strain. Embodied in 100% vegetable capsules, dried mushrooms give you positive cognitive effects depending on the dose:

  • 50mg – beginner’s dose gives you barely noticeable, sub-perceptual effects;
  • 100 mg – moderate dose enhances cognitive function and focus more notably;
  • 200 mg – high dose for experienced users, who want to get more results or follow a protocol that suggests less frequent administration.

The African Pyramid is considered to be quite a potent option, so these capsules are strong. We recommend staying under 250 mg dose not to experience strong high and visuals that are not common for microdosing.

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Microdosing Effects of African Pyramid Magic Mushrooms

African Transkei is one of the most widely grown and tried options. When this potent strain is placed in the convenient pre-measured capsule you can expect:

  • Enhanced creativity and focus
  • Improved mood and emotional stability
  • Increased mindfulness and self-awareness
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Heightened problem-solving skills
  • Boosted energy levels and motivation
  • Support for personal growth and self-exploration

Switch between protocols (after breaks to prevent tolerance, of course) and experiment with the dose since with the correctly calculated amount these microdosing capsules can give you any desired effects.


50gm, 100gm, 200gm


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