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One and only, mysterious as hell, the Alcabenzi (ALC) or Alacabenzi strain belongs to the Psilocybe cubensis species. However, we called it puzzling for a reason: there are dozens of its appearance theories and even more questions about its rare mutation, Alc Squats. If we try to describe them shortly, we got something like this:

  • Excellent mushroom for beginners that creates an energetic trip;
  • The potency is a golden mean between something like Golden Teacher and Penis Envy;
  • It has an extraordinary appearance as if it were taken from the bottom of the sea.

We are not saying that this comparison is appropriate with all strains, yet Alc Squats magic mushroom strain is a Sativa in the world of shrooms online. The Alacabenzi trip makes you feel like you ate a pack of strong cannabis edibles – no intense hallucinations, just a warm and relaxing trip with soft euphoria and light body high.

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Buy Alc Squats Strain of Magic Mushrooms – Effects and Expectations

We all have our reasons to buy Alc Squats magic mushrooms. Some are captivated by its appearance, while others want to feel pleasant relaxation or, on the contrary, an energetic punch. The trip usually lasts 4-8 hours, and the first effects appear from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Depending on the ingestion method, the peak is 2-5 hours. Here, we give an approximate breakdown of effects depending on the dose we provided before.

Microdosing (in one week from the first pill)

  • Enhanced mood;
  • Feeling energetic;
  • Easier emotion processing;
  • Less sadness and other unpleasant thoughts.

Minimal Recreational Dose

  • Funny feeling at the fingertips;
  • Start feeling and seeing objects moving and changing;
  • Creativity explosion, easy problem-solving;
  • Start to feel really happy.

Full Recreational Dose

  • Increased openness to other people and nature;
  • Stabilized mental health;
  • Firstly relaxing sensations can now launch you into space. It feels like you squatted before jumping;
  • Start seeing a few visuals.

High Dose

  • Deep body high (similar to strong cannabis edibles);
  • Distortions of perception and reality;
  • Difficulty in physical balance (feeling twisty-turny);
  • Time distortion.

Heroic Dose

No one can predict what exactly will happen on such a high dose. It highly depends on what you want to achieve. Maybe you’ll talk to yourself from the past/future, quit smoking, and lose your ego. The possibilities are endless. But this dose is for experienced users only.

When to Take Alcabenzi Squats Magic Mushrooms

People use magic mushrooms not only for recreation but also often for deep personal exploration and to enhance various sensory experiences. There are different life spheres where shrooms can help you. If you approach them with the right attitude, the benefits will be countless. Here are some ideas about when, where, and why you can take Alc Squats:

  • During personal reflection or spiritual reflection. The psychedelic experience can offer new perspectives and insights, making it a preferred choice during times of personal exploration;
  • Consuming magic mushrooms while in a natural setting, such as during a hike or in a peaceful garden, can significantly enhance the experience. The natural beauty and calmness of the outdoors can complement the psychedelic effects, leading to a more profound and enjoyable experience;
  • Sharing the experience with close friends or in a comfortable group setting can create a supportive and enriching environment. It’s essential to be around people you trust and feel satisfied with, as the experience can be intense and emotional.

Listening to music can be profoundly enjoyable, as the Alcabenzi Squats mushrooms can enhance auditory senses, making sounds and melodies appear more vivid and emotionally resonant. Going for a walk, especially in a serene, natural environment, can also be a great way to experience the visual and sensory enhancements provided by the mushrooms. NOTE: We’re talking about positive effects and occasions that are possible exclusively in case you’re in a good state of mind, in a comfortable and calm place, with no people around that might intentionally or unintentionally ruin your experience and turn your journey into a bad trip.


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