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The Enigma, aka OMNI, is the most potent and rare mutation of Psilocybe cubensis that recently won 1st and 2nd place in the Psilocybin Cup 2022 held in Oakland, California. Enigma magic mushrooms are a “blob mutation” during the Tidal Wave plus Penis Envy X B crossbreeding.

What makes Enigma stand out?

  • The most unusual and potent strain in the world;
  • Approximately 4 (!) times more potent than other P. Cubensis species;
  • Hard to grow since it doesn’t sporulate.

With a psilocybin concentration of 2.26%, 1.56% psilocin and 3.82% total alkaloid, Tidal Wave v.2 is not the option for a faint of heart. It demands careful dosing and at least some experience with magic mushrooms before use. Regardless of all the details, it’s still a guaranteed effective tool for your psychedelic needs.

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Enigma Shrooms – Effects & What to expect

The effects will last for 6 to 8 hours start to finish. With all doses except the microdose, you’ll start experiencing the effects in approximately 30 minutes after the administration. The peak will come in approximately 60 to 90 minutes after the administration. The exact effects of Enigma will largely depend on the dosage you take:

Microdose (in the span of one week after the first administration):

  • Improved focus;
  • Less fatigue;
  • Productivity boost;
  • Better control and understanding of emotions;
  • Decreased depressive thoughts.

Minimal recreational dose:

  • Minor alterations in perception of the surroundings (visual changes include vibrating and moving contours of objects, sparkling, increased light sensitivity);
  • Notably improved creativity;
  • Significant mood improvement (if the set and setting are right).

Full recreational dose:

  • More prominent perception alteration;
  • Therapeutic effect (if intended) on mental health;
  • Possibly a strictly individual spiritual experience.

High dose:

  • Strong psychedelic effects (visual hallucinations, altered perception of light, sound, increased sensitivity, a deeper «trip»);
  • Easier introspection and improved self-analysis;
  • Dramatically increased compassion and empathy;
  • Open-mindedness, increased ability to process information and think «outside the box»;
  • Lightness in movement, dizziness.

Heroic dose:

Exceptionally strong effects, strictly individual, unpredictable and defined by set and setting. Recommended exclusively to those experienced with psychoactive substances. The effects here are defined not by the substance itself, but by your approach.


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