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Tidal Wave is a sophisticated and potent Penis Envy and B+ hybrid. All these strains belong to the Psilocybe cubensis species, and you probably think it can’t offer anything new to you. However, we are sure that its potency is something you have never experienced before. So, get ready to be swept away by the pure euphoria wave!


Interesting facts about the Tidal Wave magic mushroom strain:


  • Its notorious potency made Tidal Wave Psilocybin Cup winner in 2021;
  • Wavy caps make TW recognizable;
  • Despite its high potency, it’s relatively easy to grow.


Thanks to genetics, Tidal Wave is an option for experienced users. Even though subsequent generations did not show such results (3.82% total tryptamines), its potency is still above average. A tidal wave clear, energetic and euphoric trip is truly something. However, you should be extremely cautious and respectful with these potent mushies!

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Tidal Wave – Effects & What to Expect

Magic mushrooms, containing the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin, have the potential to induce a wide array of effects that are often described as psychedelic. They are mostly individual and depend on tons of factors. You’ll feel your first euphoric sensations within 40-60 minutes, while the trip can last anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. Here’s a breakdown of the effects of Tidal Wave at different dosages:


  • Brightened colours;
  • You’ll feel much happier;
  • Focus and problem-solving skills enhancement;
  • Reduced anxiety.

Minimal recreational dose:

  • Altered perception of time and space;
  • Your couch becomes softer;
  • Increased sensory awareness;
  • Increased social skills;
  • Complete relaxation.

Full recreational dose:

  • Visual and sound hallucinations;
  • Emotions may become heightened and can fluctuate rapidly from euphoria to anxiety;
  • A sense of connectedness to a larger universe.

High dose:

  • Pure psychedelic experience;
  • Ego transformation possibilities;
  • Intense visuals, including geometric patterns and wavy shapes;
  • High spiritual sensations.

Heroic dose:

We can’t even predict what happens on this level. It highly depends on personal introspection, mood, set and setting and other factors. You can expect minutes to feel like hours, and time might seem to stand still. Thought processes might become more fluid, abstract, or disorganized. It starts on lower dosages, but you won’t even understand what a “thought” is on heroic ones.

When to Take Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave is an extremely potent strain. It’s better to divide our words in half. And if you’re new to magic shrooms, we recommend picking lighter strains or eating tiny doses of TW:

  • Inward odyssey – some voyagers lean into the psilocybin experience, seeking a mirror into their deepest selves, questing through the intricate mazes of their consciousness and spirituality;
  • Communal sailing – the shared journey through the psychedelic seas, where a collective of individuals mutually embarks upon the psilocybin adventure, seeks to weave a tapestry of united experiences and strengthened bonds;
  • Healing journeys – with roots in emerging scientific explorations, psilocybin steps into therapeutic landscapes, cautiously being studied for its potential to be a balm for specific psychological ailments within strictly regulated clinical environments.

The multifaceted experiences that mushrooms usher in necessitate a grounded understanding and cautious approach. So, one should ensure safety in exploration.


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